Connector Project

What: LEADERSHIP Philadelphia’s
Connector Project

Launched by LEADERSHIP Philadelphia to:
  • Encourage and reward civic engagement
  • Identify effective leaders across sectors
  • Study these leaders in order to learn what makes them successful
  • Develop a curriculum based on the leaders’ competencies
  • Offer curriculum to current and emerging leaders
  • Convene and connect these leaders

Who: Trusted Leaders

People who:
  • May or may not already be in the public eye
  • Know how to get things done
  • Seem to know everybody
  • Demonstrate concern for the “common good”
  • Are trusted by their fellow citizens

How: Civic Engagement Project

  • Gather nominations of trusted leaders
  • Survey nominees to determine what they do to get things done
  • Create a competency model and teach these behaviors
  • Repeating project for fourth time in 2014

When: Three Phases

  • Round I: The Connector Project. The first phase of the Connector Project was completed in 2006. A total of 4,800 nominations of Philadelphia’s most trusted leaders were gathered with the help of NetForm Technology. The names of 101 Connectors were released in October 2006.
  • Round II: Emerging Connectors. This civic engagements process was repeated in 2008 to identify the younger generation of Connectors.
  • Round III: Creative Connectors.These Connectors use art, culture, and design to build community and economic vitality. Results were released and connectors convened in the fall of 2011.
  • Round IV: Connectors and Keepers (between ages 25 and 35) will be identified, recognized, and convened.

Where: Geographic Scope of Study: The nine-county Greater Philadelphia region

The Connectors List

Are You a Connector?

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